Learning without Teachers: The Story of Nook

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of Nook in Bangladesh, IFNB, BYS and Green Ink. Bangladesh is all ready to host its first annual event called “Rethink Education” on 19th of December 2021 at Jatra Biroti. The aim of this event is to celebrate the idea of self-designed learning where the boundaries of modern education will be rebuilt for a better future. In addition to the participation of representatives from IFNB, the annual gathering will feature talented, creative youth learners from Barishal city who will be sharing their perspectives or experiences with the methods of self-designed learning, followed by a cultural program.  

A bright morning in Barishal looks slightly different than that of our Dhaka. Clear sky, wispy clouds and clump of coconut trees surrounds the antique city, with the clinking and clanking of rickshaws and bicycles rippling all around. Amidst the hustle, bustle and ancient structures, lies the vibrant Barishal Nook. 20 year old Sayma, loves to go to the Nook every morning. Nook is her dream come true, her own creative space. Being a woman from a small city as such of Barishal, she was hardly allowed to walk through the path of her dreams. At Nook, she was exposed to the world of technology, where she learned about computers, robotics and the implementation of various technological devices. Just like Sayma, several youth of Barishal city are now inspired to join Barishal Nook.

So, what is this Nook? Nook is that dreamland where young learners discover and master the idea of self-learning. “Nooks” are learning centres where people may learn at their own pace. They might also be referred to as “schools without teachers,” in contrast to the traditional educational system. This centre therefore, enables individuals of a local community to undertake their own learning initiatives based on individual interests and needs.  Nook was established in Bangladesh by IFNB in March, 2020 and implemented at Barishal by Barishal Youth Society (BYS) in collaboration with Green Ink. Bangladesh. IFNB, a German based non-profit organisation, thrives to bring innovation in education through promoting self-designed learning.