Who We Are

 “Art Has no limits hence an artist has no boundaries”                                                                             -Green ink


About Us

Green Ink is a media & communication agency focused to provide innovative solutions for challenging issues. We specialize in communication, public relation, promotion, media & advertising. We are a very dynamic and flexible team, skilled with excellent interpersonal communications and public relations, and dedicated to delivering services to clients according to the project’s deadline and allocated budgets. Doing things differently and thinking out of the box in new and innovative ways is our trademark. Our creative unit is making use of the latest, cutting edge technology across all platforms to get your message through and achieve the optimum result. And unlike other agencies that just hand you the work and say goodbye, we are keen to develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients to truly understand and exceed your expectations.







The dream team

Team Green Ink consists of a wide range of specialists from different  walks of life. 

As a team we believe to chose unity over everything! 

Communication expert with more than 8 years of experience. Award-winning documentary filmmaker (The AHRC Research in Film Awards, 2017). Worked as TV Producer at SATV, Adjunct Faculty in Media & Communication Department (ULAB) and Communication Specialist at Plan International Bangladesh.

Audiovisual expert with more than 7 years of experience. Worked as Consultant for Plan International  Bangladesh,  BRAC, Swiss Contact, Paper Tech, Elite Force.

Communication expert and international relation specialist with experience of more than 8 years. Possess experience both in professional and academic world. Previously worked in Swiss Contact, City University of Hongkong and Project Defy.

More than 5 years of experience in developing social media marketing strategies. Worked with Robi, Samsung.   Performed a leading role in community management projects under Strategeek, We Are X.

More than 9 years of experience. Previously worked at Eyeball Networks, Melbourne Metropolitan College, Australian Institute of Strategic Leadership and Business Management, Lincoln University College – Malaysia, Northern University Bangladesh.

More than 4 years of experience in the field of writing scripts, developing copies, transcribing and translating. Developed scripts for Bangladesh Air Force AV. Worked as communication coordinator in Nakshikatha Communication.

Possess more than 2 years of experience as Research Assistant at National Association of Resource Improvement (NARI). Also has experience of working at Creative IT institute as HR and Administration.

Experienced in Social Media marketing. Analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information. Adept at queries, report writing and presenting findings. Worked as an executive at We Are X.

Specializes in production, content design and planning. Has experience of leading production unit of web films such as Wedding Bells, M2Xl and much more.