DeliveryAppa (D'Appa)

Building an inclusive society that embraces everyone—Project DeliveryAppa
Green Ink acknowledges the substantial contribution of women to fostering the sustainable development of a nation. Strengthening women’s access to resources, education, skill-based training, and income-generating opportunities empowers them to make informed life decisions, overcoming the constraints imposed by traditional societal norms.
Project DeliveryAppa is an initiative by female members of Green Ink to improve the economic status of marginalized women belonging to semi-urban and rural communities in Bangladesh. By utilizing ICT as a medium, the project aims to equip disadvantaged women with essential resources, knowledge, and skill-based training so that they have the confidence to participate in any kind of employment opportunity other than household work.
DeliveryAppa is an Android-based mobile application that employs female riders to conduct product delivery services. Through the application, any female can easily register as a rider or merchant. Once registered, female riders undergo comprehensive training to become proficient service providers and efficient riders, enhancing their employability prospects. Additionally, registered merchants can effortlessly deliver their valuable products to desired locations at affordable rates, ensuring a hassle-free process.

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