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While the entire education system of Bangladesh came to a standstill during the pandemic in 2021, Green Ink took proactive steps to revolutionize the country’s education system. In partnership with Project Defy, India, BASTOB, and Barishal Youth Society (BYS), and receiving funding from two German non-profit organizations, IFNB (Initiative for New Education) and Knodel Foundation, Green Ink spearheaded the establishment of Barishal Nook. Barishal Nook is the first-ever self-designed learning center in Bangladesh, situated in Barishal City, that serves the skill-based educational requirements of marginalized people for free. Barishal Nook provides a secure space for marginalized learners, offering them access to essential resources for learning such as laptops, project instruments, and tools so they can learn, acquire skills, and build projects of their own choice and interests. The project enables learners of Nook from marginalized communities to gather in a safe learning space where they design their very own individual learning without the presence of any teachers, classrooms, textbooks, grades, or pre-given curriculum.

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