SHiFT: The Future of Food: Sustainable Healthy Diets Through Food Systems Transformation


The population of Dhaka has been gradually changing their consumption patterns, and this rapid transition is resulting in an abrupt change in the overall supply and demand for food. The program for SHiFT was facilitated by Green Ink. The two-day event was organized in November 2022 with the primary goal of addressing Bangladeshi people’s inadequate diets, which contribute to malnutrition. A nutritious diet is out of reach for around a third of the nation’s citizens.

The primary three goals of SHiFT through this project are to increase demand, support, and improvement across all food system sectors. The implementation of SHiFT will take place over the course of three rounds in the years 2022-2024, with the primary goal being to improve the diets of women, young people, and other marginalized groups. These efforts will be carried out by SHiFT in 05 work packages.

One of the most engaging parts of the eventful program was when everyone was visually shown the most important eleven trends in the Bangladesh food system. This summed up the important trends that provided stakeholders with a clear understanding of the significance of launching SHiFT in Bangladesh and how it might affect people’s lives and food security. Additionally, visitors looked over the major patterns and matched their theories to what was spoken in those plenary sessions. Additionally, this was the most interactive session of the event with participants actively interacting with one another and the host fellows. Following the debate, the groups responded with outstanding significant points and offered their insightful commentary on the process of enhancing Bangladesh’s food system going forward.

Wageningen University is supporting this IFPRI-led CGIAR initiative. At that gathering, a variety of stakeholders with ties to the nation’s policy-making process and the government were there and they all agreed on the significance and influence of this project for the nation.